Online Mentor Training Module

Welcome to Online Mentor Training Module

This module is a collection of information, media assets, and assessments highlighting the best practices for mentoring online learners, specifically 6-12 students. Information in this module is drawn from research by Dr. Jered Borup of George Mason University, an MVLRI Fellow, as well as personal interviews with mentors working in schools across the state of Michigan. Special thanks also goes to the staff of the online learning program at Three Rivers High School in Three Rivers, MI for sharing their experience and effective mentoring practices in the videos contained in this module. Their expertise and that of mentors at nine other schools helped inform the content of the module and the growing body of work aimed at improving online learning experiences for students in Michigan.

The project is still in "beta" phase, as additions and revisions are steadily being made. MVLRI welcomes any feedback with regard to content and user experience; please send your comments and suggestions to mvlri [at] Please also feel free to share your feedback by completing a quick 5-question survey regarding your experience with the Mentor Training Module. The survey can be found here.


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